From its beginnings, the main target of Centelles Terrats, has been to find a colour and composition harmony on its works. Nevertheless, she cannot avoid a mere expressionist power in its images. Its paintings have a high fancy value and in addition overwhelm a distinct strong feeling in every one of its works.
The paintings of Centelles Terrats can be classified by themes. Thus, we can reach three main topics, flowers, animals and figures. In every picture we can see that the most significant is the colour composition, followed by the spirit of the living portrayal. Dead nature is rarely represented by Centelles Terrats, but always getting a power as it was living.
The authentic portrait is no matter by Centelles Terrats and often she renounces to the right shape of the figures to achieve a better composition of colours and feelings.
We will do a little trip by its workplaces and by its works the below showed pictures are oil paintings over fabric, except the latest that as it is displayed, they are watercolours paintings. If you wish more information, you can send E-mail to

Brief course to her working place

Studio in Sant Just Desvern

Exhibit in Expoart 2000

Permanent Gallery in Horta de Sant Joan

Brief course by her work

Triptych of the bottom of the sea

Wild Flowers